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Odyssey: The Search for Ulysses By John "Award" Del Percio, December 14, 2000
Developer :Cryo Interactive
Publisher :Dreamcatcher
Release Date :Q4 2000
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

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Odyssey: The Search for Ulysses was overall not exactly the type of game that's a must have. Fortunately, though, if you find it for a good price (I've seen it much lower priced than other games) it's certainly a nice way to kill sime excess time. The camera was touchy, as were the puzzles; an unfortunate state in a game that could have been far better. Cryo did, with a limited budget, though, what most other companies could not. They built a stable, enjoyable game. If you're a fan of adventure games just for the sake of having another adventure around, it could be a good buy (at a good price), or if you enjoy history and mythology as I do, then even if it had no puzzles, it's worth it just to explore the path of Herisius. If you're more of a mainstream "core" gamer, though, you'd be better off waiting for some of the other titles coming out like Myst III, or Escape from Monkey Island.


Personal Note

Graphics - Sound - Gameplay - Depth - Multiplayer  Reviewed by John Del Percio
92 %

The graphics engine was fairly nice, 3D accelerated, smooth at high resolutions, runs well even on lower-end hardware and has beautiful artwork. Character animation was good, though some of the model textures could have used a bit of work.

85 %

The voice overs were definitely not the best in the world. They reminded me a bit of those inDarkstone (though not quite as bad), yet, still, they seemed to fit. The actual sound effects were decent, though, and the music was excellent (fit the period and environment well.)

85 %

It's based on the most well known epic in all mythology, it's obviously deep in story. Unfortunately, the game and the puzzles seem a bit shallow, with a total of one to three puzzles per level.

78 %

Unfortunately, I can't say so much about the gameplay. Some of the puzzles were somewhat over-complicated, and I referred to a walkthrough on several occasions. There is little chance of ever figuring some of them out on your own due to poor design. Even if you have the concept of the puzzle, there may be one tiny detail that makes it work or fail. Yet something still drew me into it and kept me playing.

0 %


I must say that I'm rather impressed with DreamCatcher. It's nice seeing a smaller company in the gaming industry. Don't get me wrong, we all love Interplay, Activision and friends, but seeing some fresh ideas out there, and a company not afraid of doing things differently is certainly refreshing. I see somewhat of a future in this company, though if I had one bit of advice to them, it would definitely be to beef up the website. One page per game with a few screenshots and three paragraphs of text is not enough to base a purchase on. The addition of a lot more information, and links would certainly make me more interested in the games. Cryo, on the other hand, well, I wish them luck, and higher budgets <g>.

Overall Rating


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