"Did You Know: There are two famous game designers named Chris Taylor. Chris Taylor of Interplay and Black Isle is known for the retro post-apocalyptic role playing series Fallout. "

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The Staff

 John 'Award' Del Percio

John is the Co-Founder of GameVisions, and the current Editor-in-Chief, as well as Webmaster, and pretty much everything else relating to the site. He also posts many of the news, reviews, and previews. Why? Because he likes to! Contact him for most everything relating to the site.


Position: Co-Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, PR, Database & CGI Programming, News Hound, Articles
Favorite Games: Total Annihilation, Baldurs Gate II, Freespace2, Oblivion, Supreme Commander, Quidditch
Quote: "Hello World!"
Quote2: "For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see,
              Saw the Vision of the World, and all the wonder that would be;..."

                       --Alfred Lord Tennyson, "Locksley Hall", 1842 (partial inspiration for GameVisions name)

Where you can find him: In front of his computer blowing something up, behind his camera shooting things, or under your foot.

System: Intel Core2Quad Q4400 running Windows Vista Ultimate x64, 4GB PC6400 DDRII SDRAM, EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS (512mb), Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty, Gigabyte DQ6 motherboard, Thermaltake Kandalf case, ViewSonic P225f CRT, ViewSonic VP2030b LCD, 1.5TB storage (RAID10), Deck original keyboard, Logitech G5 laser mouse. Audio provided through Onkyo 502 receiver and JBL Studio L series speakers with Velodyne subwoofer. Sennheiser HD650 headphones through Headroom Micro-Amp.

System 2 (Retired gaming box): Thunderbird/Athlon running Windows 98SE, 256mb PC-133 SD ram, Leadtek WinFast GeForce2 GTS (32mb), Creative Soundblaster Live! Platinum 5.1, Pioneer 16x DVD, Intel Pro/100+ Management 10/100 network card, SMC EtherEZ 10bT ethernet hub, AcerView 54e monitor (flat tube 15' dark tint), GNT 200 Speaker w/ subwoofer and Encore speakers w/ subwoofer (quadraphonic sound via SB Live!), Epson Action Laser 1500 laser printer, MS Intellimouse, MS Internet Keyboard, Asus A7V motherboard (Award BIOS (look, my BIOS is named after me!) and VIA KT133 chipset), USRobotics Internet Gaming Modem, IBM Deskstar 40GB ATA-100 7200RPM HDD, Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital 3D joystick

System 3 (Retired gaming box): PII-233 running Dual-boot Windows 95-OSR2/Debian Linux 2.2, 96mb PC-66 SD ram, STB Velocity 4400 AGP TNT 3D, Crystal Media 16 bit sound card, 20x CD, HP 24x4x2 CDRW, 3Com 905 ISA 10mb Eithernet card, DigiView HR-1434 monitor, generic speakers, Umax ASTRA 600P paralell flatbed scanner, Logitech Mouse, Key Tronic keyboard, 66MHz bus AT motherboard, Best Data Smart One 33.6F modem (winmodems....eeeww), HD1: Maxtor 20GB UDMA-66 7200RPM, HD2: Maxtor 3GB UDMA

System 4 (Retired web test box): P-133 running Dual-boot Debian Linux 2.2/Windows 95-OSR2, 32mb EDO, Jaton 67P video, OPTi 3D sound, NEC 8x CD, generic stereo speakers, Digiview HR 1434 14in monitor, 3Com 3C905 10MB ISA ethernet, Logitech Mouseman 3 button mouse (old model), Key Tronic Keybd, HD1: 2GB Western Digital HD, HD2: 100MB Western Digital HD

System 5 (Retired firewall): P75 running Debian Linux 2.0 (I know, I know...), 32mb FPM ram, Sony 4x CD, 3Com 3C905 10mb ISA ethernet, jaton 54P video, no sound (for now), Key Tronic Keyboard, MS mouse, Unisys 14' Digital monitor, HD1: 500MB Western Digital, HD2: 250mb Western Digital,

 Forest 'LordHavoc' Hale

Forest has a unique perspective on games, as he is a game developer himself. He can analytically examine any game for its true worth and effort, and come up with an even better design of how he would have done it. A true expert and critical reviewer, if you ever wanted to know all the dark little details of a game before going out and buying it, and all its positive enhancements, Forest is sure to take you on just the trip you were looking for. He's also our in-house tech specialist in the development forums, for those really sticky questions. (Believe me, he knows what he's talking about). He's also the right-hand-man here at GV taking care of all the behind the scenes work that keeps things running, editing articles (so you don't have to be plagued with Award's terrible typos), and taking care of oddball maintenance and site administration to make things run smoothly.


Position: Senior Editor, Assistant Webmaster
Favorite Games: Quake 1, Diablo
Quote: "Ahh, the smell of fresh lag"
Where you can find him: ?

System: P166 running Windows 95B, 104mb ram, Creative Labs Graphics Blaster Riva TNT 16mb PCI, Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI97 sound card, 8x Hitachi CD drive, 2.5gig Western Digital HD (windoze), 13.7gig Samsung HD (Linux, haven't used it in months), COMPAQ 1525 15" monitor from 1996, Micro$oft Intellimouse wheel, RealTek 8139 based 10/100 ethernet card, internal COMPAQ 33.6 winmodem of some sort (AT&T chipset, not being used), uses System2 as network gateway

System2 (dad's computer, never get to use it): P3 500 running Windows 98 (non-SE), 128mb RAM, ATI Xpert LCD 8mb (Rage LT Pro), COMPAQ 6x DVD drive, Diamond Sonic Impact S90 (Aureal Vortex 1), 19.2gig Quantum Bigfoot, DEC Tulip based 10mbit ethernet onboard, COMPAQ MV900 19" monitor, Logitech wheel mouse, external USR (3Com) Courier V.everything x2/v.90 56k modem, internal 6mbit Rockwell DSL/ADSL/UADSL/v.90 modem (not used)

 Mike 'Despondent' Piotrowski

Despondent is the best strategist I've ever seen. I think the grand total anyone has ever lasted against him in Total Annihilation is about ten minutes. I myself have fallen victim to his Can rushes more times than I'd care to count. Aside from that, he's also an avid fan of nearly every genre of game, and an excellent writer. Despondent takes care of all the GV coverage Award and Havoc can't get to in our busy days, and then some. Terror primarily handles editorials and feature articles.


Position: Staff Writer/Dept. Editor
Favorite Games: Total Annihilation, Quake, Starcraft
Quote: In the arena and on the field a feirce battle wages. One of survival, death and triumph. Here I stand against my enemy, both armed with weapon in hand, there is no conversation. Silence, the wind blows deafeningly, however it is not there, not to me. There is no talk of truce, for I cannot grant my victory, nor can I deprive my enemy the death he seeks. There is no compromise. My eyes flare as the determined fires rage, my heart pounds as the endless inferno churns. This endless inferno churns, wrenching my body into action, the determined fires blaze and my body leaps into conflict. My skills have taken over, all thought is gone, logic is none existant. I am driven by nothing but honed instinct, death comes soon. The victor found as the dust settles. I am warrior, may the battle be joined.
Where you can find him: Probably standing over my poor army's graves...

System:Pentium III 600, 128MB pc-100 SDRAM, Creative Labs 3D Annihilator Pro Geforce 256, Creative Labs Live! X-Gamer. Yamaha Studio Speakers with Sub-woofer.


 Mike 'Rage' Sagner

Mike, though mostly retired, is available if you need him, though it's best to contact Award unless you require Rage for a specific reason. Rage is a GameVisions co-founder. He's also responsible for the design behind GameVisions and java scripts for the menus and the like. You can also ask him to woop your ass in Counter-Strike.


Position: Retired, Co-Founder, Co-Editor-In-Chief, Html Pimp, News Hound, Articles
Favorite Games: Half-Life, Swat3, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike, Rogue Spear
Quote: "KISS"
Where you can find him: Playing Counterstrike with his m8s on some UK server or working out

System: PII 350 running Windows 2000, Voodoo3 3000, 192 MB RAM, Diamond MX300, Toshiba SD-1212 DVD, 14 GB HD

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