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Unreal Review by Jay, February 6, 2000
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Developer : GT Interactive
Publisher : Epic Games
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : No - Download
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Closer Look

Final Peek

On a whole the game comes highly recommended by Gamevisions. Alot has been made of what is basically a mulitplayer game. It is suitable for Internet play or solo use. The single player mode is not as large as Half Life with Unreal being split up into different battles, but it is after all a different style of first person shooters and easily outshines Quake3: Arena's attempt at offline multiplaying gaming. Plus with the competition on the market now for first person shooters, games now have to be of some class to compete in the top 10. Unreal Tornament comes very close to getting in the top 3. Along with the Quake Series, Unreal Tornament has a large aspect of its game dedicated to the online scene. Unreal Tornament does come close to knocking of the Quake series' crown with a wide range of gaming types as explained in the review. These include Capture The Flag and Assualt. Overall this game is a marvel to play and look at, boasting true graphical power and compeling sounds techniques never seen before on a first person shooter.


Personal Note

Graphics - Sound - Gameplay - Depth - Multiplayer Reviewed by Jay
Graphics 90 %

The graphics are detailed and smooth, there are some amazing lighting effects and some truly outstanding level structures and locations. Such as deathmatch on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean and Capture the Flag on a rock orbiting Earth. There is a high amount of detail on the characters and levels in Unreal Tornament. Superb...

Sound 90 %

A good addition to Unreal Tornament is that the computer controlled opponents (bots) shout orders, commands, insults and abuse. The sounds of weapons are loud, constant and they actually sound painfull. The screams of enemies as they are blown apart by your weapons is very atmospheric. This is a especially satisfing when the computer complements you on multiple kills or head shots. The music is also varied and suits each levels theme.

Gameplay 95 %

Unreal Tornament has the most explosive arsenal of weapons on any game in genre. The thrill of decapatating a opponent from a level away with a sniper rifle is satisfing just as is chasing an opponent through a level with a flak cannon as he/she tries to escape impending death. The game has so many modes to go through all of each with different objectives, i.e. deathmatch, assault, and Capture the Flag. Unreal plays so smooth that its hard not to love it.

Depth 95 %
Unreal is a big and varied game with five different game modes to choose from each becoming available when the previous one has been partially completed. The game is set a reasonable difficulty with a good learning curve for new comers to the genre of first person shooters. It is so packed with features and options that is going to be hard not to keep coming back for more.
Multiplayer 90 %
This game offers good support on the internet with alot of servers being available, this game could possibly take the dated Quake2's multiplayer crown away. But this has yet to be seen from a game of its type. Included in the game is a server hosting program, made available to easily configure your own server and run it from your house.

Overall Rating


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