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SWAT 3 GotY By John "Award" Del Percio
November 7, 2001
Developer :Sierra Studios
Publisher :Sierra
Release Date :3rd Quarter 2001
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Contact Made, Great Game in Sight!

As I mentioned in the previous page, there really is not much to complain about. The game is great, the tactics are non-stop, and the overall quality of the game, both in terms of production, and technical merit, are top-notch. It's certainly no surprise to me that SWAT 3 managed to make Tactical Game of the Year. With so many commando-oriented tactical games, it's a truly refreshing switch to see a game using handcuffs rather than bullets whenever possible. If you're into tactical games, or are interested in seeing what it's like to be an elite law enforcement officer, you'll definitely enjoy SWAT 3, and if you're really into it, the GOTY Advanced Tactics CD should prove an interesting treat.


Personal Note

Graphics - Sound - Gameplay - Depth - Multiplayer  Reviewed by John Del Percio
90 %

The graphics, as I mentioned above, are as good as they need to be. The engine does a fairly decent job for a mid-grade engine, and while not a flashy engine-demo, it looks realistic enough.

90 %

The overall sound effects are well done, as are the weapon sounds, and the voice-overs. The music is surprisingly good for a bit of a techno-ambient music. One nice treat is that many missions have their own music based on the theme of the map (for example one mission takes place in a cathedral, so there's a sort of choir-disco sound to the music.)

97 %

Few games reach the depths of tactics displayed in SWAT 3. The GOTY missions expand upon those tactics using many of the same maps as the original game, but with a far more interesting arrangement of suspects and hostages. Once again, even if you're familiar with the terrain, the suspects will make you jump in surprise at least once.

94 %

Both the gameplay and the story of any tactical game is usually of a decent quality. The Advanced Tactics CD with the GOTY edition really adds to that depth by providing a good deal of insight into how the real SWAT works.

93 %

The multiplayer support in terms of the gameplay is exceptional. Teaming up with other humans or against other humans proves its own interesting challenge. A few points were lost, though, due to's usual problems. Anyone with experience playing on Won will likely know exactly what I'm talking about, for those who don't, Won is certainly not the worst of all the gaming networks in the world, but it's certainly not the best.

I'm nearly ashamed to admit it, but this was my first time testing out SWAT 3. I did have fairly high expectations for it, but it's one of the few times that my expectations were pretty much on target for a game. I really enjoyed playing every mission within the game, and am quite intrigued by it's exceptionally unique playing style. Ironically, though this is already the Game of the Year edition, I am nominating SWAT 3 for the GameVisions 2001 Top Pupil Awards in the category of Best Tactical Game.

Overall Rating



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