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The Top 10 Games (This page discontinued. For archive purposes only.)


 1 - Klingon Academy
Rating: 95 %  
Nocturne Klingon Academy is Interplays second attempt at a space combat simulation focusing around capitol ships in the Star Trek Universe. This game is truly good, and has replaced Freespace 2 as our favorite space sim.

 2 - Deus Ex
Rating: 90 %  
Nocturne Warren Spectors latest masterpiece is a unique blend of 3D action and RPG. A game every 3D action/RPG fan should be interested in. The deep story, great graphics and sound should make your mouth water!

 3 - Star Trek Armada
Rating: 80 %  
Nocturne You will play Armada. Resistance is futile. Or not. Armada had the potential to be one of the best games in the Star Trek franchise. If you're a Trekkie, or just a fan, this game is worth a try.

 4 - Soldier of Fortune
 5 - Unreal Tournament
 6 - Quake 3

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