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Deus Ex By Mike "Rage" Sagner, July 11, 2000
Developer : Ion Storm
Publisher : Eidos
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : Yes - Download
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Closer Look


First a word of warning, before you start playing the game, unplug your telephone, close the windows and get some vacation time: This game is addictive!

Deus Ex takes place around 2050 in a world that is stricken by a deadly virus. The "Grey Death" virus has already infected millions of people and keeps spreading over the world. Different government and terrorist organisations are trying to find a cure, the latter for money reasons.

You play JC Denton, an agent of the United Nations Anti Terrorism Organization. But your not just an agent, there's something special about your character. JC Denton is a "bionicman", part of a secret government project trying to create the perfecct soldier. You have been enhanced with electronic implants, called "Nano Augementations" that allow you to have super human abilities.
Some of the basic augmentations include vision enhancment, silent movement and target identification; while the more advanced include night vision, regeneration and improved bullet resistance. More on the update system later.

JC Denton
Conversation with a bum
A nice cutscene
A friendly UNATCO agent

Your brother, Paul Dention has already been working for UNATCO for some time when you follow in his footsteps. Being new to the company means that you first have to prove yourself in action. Being a cyborg combines all the best from both the human and the mechanical world.
The Warren Spector team spent months coming up with a great story and they succeeded. Deus Ex involves a very deep plot, many of the different conspiracies are based upon real life happenings. Even the different terrorist and government organisations are more than just Warren Spectors fantasies.
At the beginning you have the chance to train your skills in the "Training Center". All the specific controls and skill usages will be taught you there.

The upgrade system adds a lot of fun to the whole game. JC Denton can be updated with additional augmentations. On the augementation screen you have the possibility to install new augmentations that you found on your journey. Augmentations can be found as canisters, each canister will offer you a choice between two different upgrades but you can only select one and the other option will no longer be available after its been installed.

You can also update existing augmentations with an upgrade canister. Using your augmentations is restricted to the amount of energy you have available and some augmentations need more power than others, draining your supply in a matter of seconds. Fortunately you can refill your energy with bio cells that you'll find thorough the game.

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