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Return to Castle Wolfenstein By Mike "despondent" Piotrowski
February 2, 2002
Developer :id Software
Publisher :Activision
Release Date :Quarter 1 2002
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

But, But, I Want More!

Although RTCW is a very impressive game it is not without its flaws. And as you would guess, this is where we point them out.

RTCW as a game suffers very little in the game play department; in truth I would say that it's perfect in almost every respect. However there are those little things that leave more to be desired in a game. One of the most striking examples of a flaw is the use of grenades in the game. It seems that no matter how hard you try the grenades are often times difficult to use. This is mainly attributed to the fact that the "player character" throws them underhanded. Because of this you do not get a great deal of distance with the grenade, and if you need distance, or simply need to throw over an obstacle, you need to over compensate a great deal. I am personally a player who likes to use grenades to surprise the enemy by lobbing it into them unsuspectingly, or pushing them out of their hiding places. Unfortunately this is more than difficult to achieve in RTCW. Also the AI is extremely good at avoiding grenades, and the only use that I have found for them is to cut the enemy off from me while I am in need of reloading and refitting. But then again you usually have boat loads of them at all times, so what the heck.

One thing that I have noticed with almost all FPS titles since the beginning is: endings, and the defeats of key enemies have always been weak. It's always been hard to convey that crucial defeat or give that tear charming ending that we would desire in a movie. So what happens is that those events are just given to us in the flashiest way possible, with all the effects, screams, blood, guts and gore and hopefully its pleasing. Well needless to say it's all in RTCW, and it doesn't seem that anyone has really devised a great formula to producing a good ending to a game. Another thing is that those key enemies are usually big and tough, but not very smart to say the least. So while the big guys in RTCW are big bad asses, they aren't anything out of the ordinary, with all things considered it's not a total disappointment. It just leaves things to be desired, thankfully it takes nothing away from game play.

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