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Overlord II By: John "Award" Del Percio
July 16, 2009
Developer :Triumph Studios
Publisher :Codemasters
Release Date :June 2009
Platform : PC, PlayStation 3, XBox 360
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Da master, it da MASTER!!

A few years ago, I began playing a game that I had little expectation for. Sure, CodeMasters is known to publish some delightfully quirky games, but this one seemed a bit more odd than usual. What began as a curiosity rapidly became a hardcore addiction. Overlords' oddly quirky game world and overt macabre humor is, itself, a strong lure to the game, but what truly sold it was its gameplay. Call it "strategy lite" if you will, but the simple rock-paper-scissors formula worked, and was enough to keep one hooked for hours. That was, especially true, of course, if you ever wanted to be the brutal tyrant of a mythical kingdom, that is. Or, a slightly non-brutal tyrant of a mythical kingdom with a huge complex of needing to be the most evil thing around.

After being positively glued to the original Overlord, I managed to finally break the spell, and put it down, but I've been craving for a true sequel ever since. Sure, there was the expansion, but that didn't cut it; I wanted a true sequel! After quite a bit of impatient waiting, I finally heard the announcement that Overlord II would be released...the wait was finally over. As I fire up my copy of Overlord II, I'm greeted by the "singing" chorus of minions, conducted by Gnarl, the well spoken and deliciously evil right-hand elder minion who presides over your throne of darkness, as other minions seemingly make a mess of the instruments being played. This bodes well...

The game begins with a few scattered minions seeking a new overlord. The last one, again, apparently met with... unfortunate...circumstances. In the snowy little village of Nordberg, the minions find a a delightful young boy...with glowing eyes...not quite agreeing with the other children. Indeed, this time we play as the lost son, dubbed "Overlad", of the overlord we played in the first title...poor Mistress Rose...

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