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Privacy Statement

Here at GameVisions, as mostly advocates of Free-Software, and Open-Source Software, it is obvious that we are also into privacy and security of internet transactions. A tour of the 'net should result in more knowledge for you, not more for marketing agencies. This being said, privacy and security is a major concern of how we run GameVisions. There is; however, a certain percentage of possibility that while visiting a site or submitting data to a site a third party could intercept transmissions. While GameVisions itself does not intentionally obtain data about you (I won't say that we don't at all, since if you would like to count cookies with data that you've voted on the poll before "information about you", or any information your system may send us that our logs may pick up may contain some information, but hoestly, I, and the rest of the staff at GV have far more better things to do with our time than scan logs to find out how many times you went to "Yahoo!" in the past month), there could always be someone watching. We accept no liability for the loss and spread of personal information in that case. We try to fix any holes in the system we may find, but there could always be something that we are unaware of. This is not just us, of course, the same problems are inherent throughout the 'net. We do; however, accept no liability for any claims of loss of personal information, the interception of it, or the spread of it, should it ever happen to you.

Why you should support us?

Believe it or not, not all "dot.com"s make millions of dollars a day. Infact, some don't realize that there is even a difference between a "dot.com" company and a website that happens to have a .com in the domain. We are aware of some proxy setups that include image blocking that may block ad-banners as well. We are also aware that Mozilla (an Open-Source web browser project based on the Netscape source) may potentially support a similar feature in the browser. Most people who are aware of this feature (and honestly, the same type of person who would be reading this privacy statement) knows that banners are how some sites get their income, and sites they choose to support, they enable it. So why should you support us?

Almost all of the money we obtain from the banners goes directly back into the site in the form of game and hardware purchases. Without it, we cant afford to purchase the mass quantities of games required to get nearly every game that may be of interest to you, the fans. Any of you who know of the feature, are also aware of some of the past problems with doubleclick.net. Believe me, I am aware of them too, they were not my first choice of ads. Unfortunately, they are the company that the GameFan-Network chose to use, so that is what we must use. If you have any desire to keep GameVisions running, and the quality content pouring in, I strongly urge you to support us by enabling the ad banners for this site. (And if you dont believe me that we are not filthy rich from doing this, you should realize, by now, why I am not running a quad-gigahertz-Athlon box).