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The GameVisions Network provides hosting services for sites that meet set guidelines and follow all rules, regulations, and requirements set out by the network and its hosting administration. These rules and requirements are an adaptation from the -- general affiliateship agreement, as to not conflict with their requirements. Be cool, get hosted at GameVisions!

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Hosting Guidelines
Your site must have a unique design, and offer a unique service. Sites may range from fan sites, development/editing sites, or other types of sites. GameVisions reserves the right to reject any site propositions for any reason, or without given reason.

Sites must be updated in a timely manner. That does not mean once every two weeks. We mean OFTEN. As you have likely noticed, many gaming and hardware magazines don't offer hosting services. Having come through the ranks ourselves, we understand the need to find a good source to be connected with, but a lot of work also comes with the territory of being associated with a large mass-market site. We accept only the best of ideas, so try to make it a good one. Don't be afraid to try, either, what may seem not great to you, may very well be the next best thing to hit the web!

All sites must have a large viewing audience. We won't give a speciffic number, because every different type of site has a good adequate number. Statistics on unique, as well as total hits preferable. We don't want some second rate "I did it overnight" sites, you site must have a thorough design. While having a cult-following is always nice, we also realize the difficulty for an up-and-coming site just hitting the market, and will certainly consider hosting them. All sites submitted for recommendation must have a complete, or near-complete design and format, as well as expected ratings, and target audience.

Your submission for application signifies that you agree with the rules set forth here. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to these terms. Also note that both GameVisions and -- reserve the right to terminate your site without notice for any reason, or without given reason. Also note that you do not recieve any money for ad banners. It takes money for GIN and GameVisions to keep the servers and the sites going, and therefore, at the level of a "hosted" (non-network affiliated) there is not enough revenue generated to warrant fees. The purpose of the GameVisions Network hosting program is for smaller sites and fan sites who do not pull off enough ratings to warrant a major network affiliateship to find a place that offers everything they need to run a gaming site, free of charge, and within their own community. Put it this way, what we offer sure beats some lengthy GeoCities URL that will nary be found :).

Rules, Restrictions, and Requirements
Advertising must displayed either as a graphic frame or a fixed banner, as more particularly described below. The disply of the advertisement must conform to the specifications set forth below. Failure of the advertisement to conform to specifications is grounds for termination.

If you choose to display the advertisement in a graphic frame, the frame must appear at the top or bottom of the display screen and must be in view at all times.

If you choose to display the advertisement without the use of a frame, then the advertisement must appear in a fixed banner within the upper third of the initial screen view of each page of your site.

Your site will carry the -- or -- logo, as provided by -- from time to time, and a hot link at the top of your home page. You also agree not to remove or in any way alter the content of the -- or -- frame or banner.

Your site will carry the GameVisions logo, as provided by GameVisions from time to time, and a hot link at the top of your home page. You also agree not to remove or in any way alter the content of the GameVisions frame or banner. GameVisions reserves the right to view the location the GameVisions logo will be presented on and request it to be moved to a more obvious location. A GameVisions text link or logo must also be placed at the bottom of every page of your site.

You agree to make a good faith effort to promote - - and the companies that are advertised there.

You agree to make a good faith effort to promote GameVisions and the companies that are advertised there.

You can not display pornographic or other sexually explicit material on your web site (or provide a link to any other site which does so). You also agree that you shall not display, or provide a link to any site which displays any content that is in violation of any United States federal law or regulation or violates any applicable state or local law. Big Brother is watching. Be sure to adhere to these rules. Failure to comply is grounds for immediate termination.

You are solely responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of your web site and for all materials appearing on it and that -- shall have the right to monitor such site to determine that this condition is being met. Any link connecting users of your web site shall in no way alter the look, feel or functionality of the - or GameVisions web sites.

-- has the exclusive right to sell all advertising on your web site, including buttons and all fixed advertising. This also may be done at GameVisions request.

If you decide to leave the GameVisions Network for any reason, you must provide at least three (3) weeks notice of the switch in order to prepare. If during the term of your hosting you fail to perform one or more of the tasks required in this agreement, you may be removed from the servers without any warning or reason.
The terms of the specific agreement with your site are to be kept confidential.

What we provide:

  • Unlimited web space (for HTML documents, images, etc) on UNIX/Apache webservers.
  • FTP space (for downloadables). FTP server on an OC-48 connection.
  • One to three email addresses ( for your site (Forwarding or POP3). If you have a speciffic reason to need more, this may be negotiated.
  • GameVisions will place a link to your site on the "Network" menu and page, and will promote any features on your site.
  • CGI
  • IRC channel and web-based chat applet
  • Forums
  • Promotion on
  • and more cool stuff for your site!

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