"Did You Know: While Assassin's Creed II features a new protagonist from Desmond Mile's ancestry, Ezio, Altair returns for more action in the PSP title Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines."

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Deus Ex Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force MDK 2
Warren Spectors masterpiece is a blend of 3D action and Role-Playing-Game. A great game with a great story. A must try! See also the review. One of the hottest Star Trek based games ever, Voyager: Elite force is an FPS (First Person Shooter) from Raven, using id's Quake3 engine . This game has been showing up on store shelves and is a blast to play. Great graphics and a kick ass sound! If you liked the old MDK you'll love this one.


Demos - Patches - Miscellaneous
Daiaktana The long anticipated Daikatana demo 04/29/00 102 MB
Deus Ex The demo to Warren Spectors masterpiece 07/12/00 102 MB
Grand Theft Auto 2 The AVP demo 04/29/00 12 MB
Nascar 2000 Race through Miami 04/29/00 25 MB
MDK 2 Sequel to MDK 05/28/00 82 MB
NBA 2000 Sequel to the award-winning original System Shock 04/29/00 21 MB
Need For Speed: Porsche 3D game using the Genesis 3D engine 04/29/00 30 MB
Opposing Force Half-Life sequel. Requires full version of Half-Life 04/29/00 31 MB
Opposing Force (Full) Stand alone demo 04/29/00 72 MB
Quake 3: Arena 3D game using the Genesis 3D engine 04/29/00 47 MB
Soldier of Fortune Authentic dirt track racing game 04/29/00 97 MB
Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force Demo to the awaited Quake3 engine game. 07/09/00 120 MB
Tomb Raider 4 Sequel to the award-winning original System Shock 04/29/00 14 MB
Ultimate Hunt Challenge Authentic dirt track racing game 04/29/00 16 MB
Unreal Tournament Multiplayer sequel to the popular Unreal 04/29/00 54 MB

Demos - Patches - Miscellaneous
Half-Life 1005-1016 Half-Life Update04/29/0026 MB
Half-Life 1009-1016 Half-Life Update04/29/0007 MB
Half-Life 1013-1016 Half-Life Update04/29/0006 MB
Half-Life 1015-1016 Half-Life Update04/29/0006 MB
Quake3 Pointrelease 116nQuake 3 Update04/29/0008 MB
System Shock 2Adds co-operative multiplayer04/29/0005 MB
Swat 3 312Swat 3 Update04/29/0001 MB
Tiberrian Sun 202 C&C Tiberian Sun Update04/29/0005 MB
Unreal 225fUnreal Update04/29/0007 MB
Unreal Tournament 413 Unreal Torunament Update04/29/0005 MB

Demos - Patches - Miscellaneous
Bleem! 1.5b Playstation emulator04/29/0001 MB

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