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Name Genre Developer Preview Release Date
  Airfix Dogfighters   Simulation   UDS   N/A   3. Quarter 2000
  AoE 2: Conquerors   Strategy-Addon   Ensemble   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Alice   Action-Adventure   Electr.Arts   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Alone in the Dark 4   Action-Adventure   Infogrames   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Anachronox   RPG   Ion Storm   N/A   Oktober 2000
  Anno 1503   Strategy   Max Design   N/A   1. Quarter 2001
  Arcanum   RPG   Troika   N/A   3. Quarter 2000
  Aqua   Simulation   Massive   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Baldur's Gate 2   RPG   Interplay   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Battle Isle 4   Strategy   Blue Byte   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Battle Realms   Realtime-Strategy   Liquid   N/A   1. Quarter 2001
  Black & White   Strategy   Lionhead   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Blade Masters   Action-RPG   Ripcord G.   N/A   Oktober 2000
  Colin McRae 2   Simulation   Codemasters   N/A   Sept. 2000
  C & C Renegade   Action   Westwood   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Commandos 2   Realtime-Strategy   Pyro Studios   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Conquest   Realtime-Strategy   Digital Anvil   N/A   3. Quarter 2000
  Cultures   Strategy   Funatics   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Demonworld 2   Realtime-Strategy   Ikarion   N/A   Sept. 2000
  The Clou 2   Strategy   Neo   N/A   August 2000
  Die Siedler 4   Strategy   Blue Byte   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Duke Nukem For.   3D-Action   3D-Realms   N/A   2. Quarter 2001
  Dungeon Siege   Action-RPG   Microsoft   N/A   1. Quarter 2001
  Empire Earth   Realtime-Strategy   Havas   N/A   3. Quarter 2001
  Fakk 2   Action   Ritual   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Freelancer   Simulation   Digital Anvil   N/A   2. Quarter 2001
  Giants   Action   Interplay   N/A   Oktober 2000
  Gothic   RPG   Piranha B.   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Grand Prix 3   Simulation   Microprose   N/A   July 2000
  Gunman   3D-Action   Valve   N/A   3. Quarter 2000
  Halo   Action   Bungie   N/A   February 2001
  Jagged Alliance 2: Unfin. Business   Strategy-Addon   Sir Tech   N/A   3. Quarter 2000
  Kiss: Psycho Circus   3D-Action   Take 2   N/A   July 2000
  Loose Cannon   Action   Digital Anvil   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Max Payne   Action   3D Realms   N/A   January 2001
  Maximum Overkill   Action   Novalogic   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  MechCommander 2   Realtime-Strategy   Microsoft   N/A   1. Quarter 2001
  MechWarrior 4   Simulation   Microsoft   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Metal Gear Solid   Action-Adventure   Microsoft   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Monkey Island 4   Adventure   LucasArts   N/A   November 2000
  Neverwinter Nights   RPG   Bioware   N/A   2. Quarter 2001
  NHL 2001   Simulation   EA Sports   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  No One Lives For.   3D-Action   Monolith   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Oni   Action   Bungie   N/A   December 2000
  Pool of Radiance 2   RPG   SSI   N/A   November 2000
  Praetorians   Realtime-Strategy   Pyro Studios   N/A   1. Quarter 2001
  Republic   Strategy   Elixir   N/A   2. Quarter 2001
  Rune   Action   Humanhead   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Sacrifice   Realtime-Strategy   Shiny   N/A   Oktober 2000
  Simon the Sorcerer   Adventure   Hasbro   N/A   May 2000

  Star Trek: Bridge Commander

  Strategy-Simul.-Mix   Activision   N/A   3. Quarter 2001
  ST: Deep Space N.   Action   Collective   N/A   Sept. 2000
  Star Trek: New Worlds   Realtime-Strategy   Interplay   N/A   3. Quarter 2000
  Star Trek: Voyager   3D-Action   Raven Soft.   N/A   August 2000
  Star Wars: Obi Wan   3D-Action   LucasArts   N/A   Oktober 2000
  Sudden Strike   Realtime-Strategy   CDV   N/A   August 2000
  Summoner   RPG   Volition   N/A   1. Quarter 2001
  Team Fortress 2   3D-Action   Valve   N/A   January 2001
  Technomage   Action-Adventure   Sunflowers   N/A   3. Quarter 2000
  The Real  Neverending Story   Action-Adventure   Discreet M.   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  Tropico   Strategy   PopTop   N/A   4. Quarter 2000
  WarCraft 3   Realtime-Strategy   Blizzard   N/A   4. Quarter 2000

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